Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

So, 2006. Wow, ten years ago I was a freshman in High School. Now I work for a highly successful company, my position is secure, and they are already looking at how they can better use my talent. Life is good. ('cept my dog sucks, I think he is smarter than us sometimes and has managed to undo any housetraining we taught him, except for the rare times we are in the same room as him and he wants a treat. Then he'll go in his litterbox.)

Car is running decently (knock on wood), holidays are over, Scrubs is new tonight and Lost is new next week, booya. Got me a black iPod 30GB that plays video, and it has come in handy at work, let me tell you. Christmas was insanely busy for us. A few days after, we had something like 14,000 ABANDONED calls in the iPod queue. That's 14,000 people who called in and hung up before they even got to us. Macworld is in a week, and I have a feeling that there will be a release of some new products that will make us even busier. Hope its a new iBook, or Powerbook, with an Intel processor. Intel, BTW, has changed their 37 year old logo to this:

I think it's kinda bland actually, I liked the old one with the dropped 'e'. Oh well, change is inevitable.

Anywho, 2 new Scrubs' episodes in about 30 minutes, gotta go!