Monday, May 07, 2007

Quick Update

Been a long time, not that anyone has been expecting an update. Just wanted to post a quick couple things.

-We've decided on the baby's name, it will be Brayden.
-Still with Wireless Multimedia at Apple, we've fleshed out that group quite a bit, and I'm in the Tier 2 section. Tier 2 is only in Sac, so that's cool.
-I am in the process of creating training for all of the Wireless Multimedia Tier 1 agents, along with Tim B. We should have it done by the end of the week, and will hopefully be delivering it next week.
-I added a link on the bottom right that says "Talk by Phone". I have a trial account with Ring Central and if you want to leave me a message, or just check out my 800 #, give it a click.

Thats all for now, expect more to come in the next month or so. Baby will be born soon, so I'll have pictures and stories to post.

Keep it real.